In its first year COLA provided financial support to a Colombian charity called 'Fundacion Salud Talle', which provides welfare to children with cancer and related diseases. COLA's contribution made dreams come true for eight terminal-ill children and made a dramatic difference to the lives of some twenty others suffering from cancer in Bogota.

Since then, COLA has supported a charity in Costa Rica called 'Asociacion Bienestar Social de la Ciudad de Escazu', which provides poor children with education by, not only funding a teacher but also providing clothes and shoes and basic educational equipment, such as books and pencils.

COLA has also funded the provision of classroom equipment for a primary school for disabled children in Aguadulce in Panama - SENADIS, a government organisation to help and integrate people with disabilities. 

COLA continues to identify specific small-scale projects where modest financial contributions can produce maximum benefit. All applicants for funding are asked to submit a proposal explaining how the money will be used and, if accepted, must agree to provide follow-up information in the form of photographs, case histories and videos illustrating its success.

Chain of Hope - El Salvador - 2014

The Ray Perrin charity for the support of education and heart care for young people in Latin America

Fundación Cardio Infantil  - Bogotá, colombia - 2009. 

Children of Latin America is registered in England and Wales. Charity Reg. No. 1111335

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Some Projects supported by

Children of Latin America in the past

Chain of Hope, to help a child from El Salvador to receive life changing heart surgery in Barcelona - Dec 2018

School in Jacmel, Haiti - December 2017

​La Comunidad Educativa 'Yumany' Isla del Sol, Bolivia - September 2017

School 235 in Las Piedras, Uruguay - May 2017

​The Inspiration Centre in Belize - December 2016  

Children Change Colombia - November 2016   

La Comunidad Educativa 'Yumany' Isla del Sol, Bolivia - March 2016

New Mexico, Rehabilitating Abused, Mexico - 2014

Children Cancer Project, Brasil - 2012

DREAM - Public Libraries,amount donated £2000. Dominican Republic - 2011

Hogar de Vida Orphanage in San Andres,amount donated £2000. Guatemala - 2010

Asociacion Hellen Keller in Lima, amount donated £2000. Peru - 2009

Asociacion Bienestar Social de la Ciudad de Escazu,amount donated £1200. Costa Rica - 2009

Fundacion Cardioinfantil in Bogota, amount donated £2000. Colombia - 2009

Helping Hands in La Paz, amount donated £2000. Bolivia - 2008

Secretaria Nacional para La Integracion Social de las personas con Discapacidad (SENADIS), amount donated £2000. Panama - 2007