Chain of Hope - El Salvador - 2014

In its first year COLA provided financial support to a Colombian charity called 'Fundacion Salud Talle', which provides welfare to children with cancer and related diseases. COLA's contribution made dreams come true for eight terminal-ill children and made a dramatic difference to the lives of some twenty others suffering from cancer in Bogota.

Since then, COLA has supported a charity in Costa Rica called 'Asociacion Bienestar Social de la Ciudad de Escazu', which provides poor children with education by, not only funding a teacher but also providing clothes and shoes and basic educational equipment, such as books and pencils.

COLA has also funded the provision of classroom equipment for a primary school for disabled children in Aguadulce in Panama - SENADIS, a government organisation to help and integrate people with disabilities. 

COLA continues to identify specific small-scale projects where modest financial contributions can produce maximum benefit. All applicants for funding are asked to submit a proposal explaining how the money will be used and, if accepted, must agree to provide follow-up information in the form of photographs, case histories and videos illustrating its success.

Fundación Cardio Infantil  - Bogotá, colombia - 2009. 

The Ray Perrin charity for the support of education and heart care for young people in Latin America

Children of Latin America is registered in England and Wales. Charity Reg. No. 1111335

Some Projects supported by

Children of Latin America in the past

Chain of Hope, to help a child from El Salvador to receive life changing heart surgery in Barcelona - Dec 2018

School in Jacmel, Haiti - December 2017

​La Comunidad Educativa 'Yumany' Isla del Sol, Bolivia - September 2017

School 235 in Las Piedras, Uruguay - May 2017

​The Inspiration Centre in Belize - December 2016  

Children Change Colombia - November 2016   

La Comunidad Educativa 'Yumany' Isla del Sol, Bolivia - March 2016

New Mexico, Rehabilitating Abused, Mexico - 2014

Children Cancer Project, Brasil - 2012

DREAM - Public Libraries,amount donated £2000. Dominican Republic - 2011

Hogar de Vida Orphanage in San Andres,amount donated £2000. Guatemala - 2010

Asociacion Hellen Keller in Lima, amount donated £2000. Peru - 2009

Asociacion Bienestar Social de la Ciudad de Escazu,amount donated £1200. Costa Rica - 2009

Fundacion Cardioinfantil in Bogota, amount donated £2000. Colombia - 2009

Helping Hands in La Paz, amount donated £2000. Bolivia - 2008

Secretaria Nacional para La Integracion Social de las personas con Discapacidad (SENADIS), amount donated £2000. Panama - 2007

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