Ray Perrin with Roberto Calzadilla, former Bolivian ambassador to the UK, and president of COLA.

Ray Perrin is a dedicated charity campaigner. He was a former actor and  a member of East Sheen & Mortlake Probus Club for 16 years.

Ray's efforts have benefited  many charities including British Heart Foundation, Children with Aids, Environment Trust for Richmond Upon Thames, Mencap, Probus Club of Barnes, Sheen and Mortlake, St John's Hospital and Victims' Crime Trust. He has been presented with the Richmond Council Community Services Award after raising more than £1 million for different charities since moving to Richmond 20 years ago.

Ray has been both scout and referee for Fulham FC over the course of 60 years. 

Ray Perrin

Founder & Chairman

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Ray Perrin

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Why Latin America?

This fascinating and enormous region of the world, stretching from Mexico to the tip of Chile and from the Pacific to Atlantic oceans, is rich in culture, history and traditions.

Visitors to Latin America are always surprised by the warmth and friendliness of the people; nonetheless in several countries there are areas of underdevelopment and poverty, for which COLA would seek to provide help through donating to some of the many local projects to be found in Latin America.


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" I want to give something back. I enjoy it and if I am doing good, so be it. I will keep going until I drop. My uncle did until he was 104. He was in the Squadronaires and I want to be like him " - Ray Perrin 

Children of Latin America is registered in England and Wales. Charity Reg. No. 1111335

Our Charitable objective:

We aim to contribute to the advancement of Education, the preservation and protection of good health as well as the relief of poverty among children and young people in Latin America by such exclusively  charitable means.

Ray being presented with his award by Lord True CBE,  former leader of the council

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The Ray Perrin charity for the support of education and heart care for young people in Latin America

What does COLA do?

Children  of Latin America  (COLA)  is dedicated to the support of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged children of Latin America. It does this by identifying and supporting specific small-scale projects in various Latin American countries.

COLA was founded in 2003 by the British veteran charity campaigner Ray Perrin, and  formally registered on 15 September 2005. Under Ray's chairmanship, the charity is continuously growing with a small team of volunteers.

As COLA is run entirely by volunteers, we are able to pass on all money raised to Latin American projects.


William Pawson                                  

Events Coordinator

Isabel Lopéz

Latin American Coordinator