Children of Latin America (COLA) is a UK registered charity, whose mission is to support and fund projects in education and child heart care. Our area of work is Latin America, a part of the world currently experiencing exceptional needs of help in child and youth support.

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The Ray Perrin charity for the support of education and heart care for young people in Latin America

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Children of Latin America is registered in England and Wales. Charity Reg. No. 1111335

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Number of countries:    33 countries, including those in the Caribbean

Language:                     Spanish spoken by 60% of the inhabitants
                                     Portuguese spoken by 34% of the inhabitants

Education:                     Primary school attendance is almost universal
                                     At least 20% of children do not attend secondary education

Life expectancy:             70-80 years, less in the poorer countries

Health expenditure:        25% of the world average in the poorer countries

The Charity

COLA is a small charity with a big heart! It was founded in 2003 by veteran charity campaigner Ray Perrin who is now in his 80s, and remains chairman and prime motivator. Ray has had his own heart problems, and now sees education and child heart care as areas in which he and his charity can make a real difference.

COLA is based in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, is run solely by volunteers, and is supported annually by a number of loyal patrons, donors and supporters, as well as several of the Latin American embassies, which have kindly helped us with our fundraising over the years.

A UK-registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in Latin America.